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 Calming Beansprout Husk Pillow also affectionally known as Chou Chou-

We use 100% natural beansprout husk that we have specially sorted by hand, sunned and picked out the best husks to be used in our pillows. These pillows are traditionally made by the older-generation grandparents in SEA countries as a gift for their offspring in believe that it will calm babies and help them sleep sweeter.

These pillows are meant to be loosely filled, distribute husks evenly through pillow and place across their chests and tummy while sleeping, it acts like a cushion that will prevent babies from any startling sound when they are sleeping that may scare them. Perfect for first pillow for any babies or toddlers and keepsakes!

Approx Size: 17cm x 40cm
Pillow includes 1x  Pillowcase , 1 x Inner pillowcase with husks.
Approx. weight: 190g (recommended weight)

Pillowcases are available as well - please choose Pillowcase Only option.

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