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Beansprout Husk Pillow -

The beansprout husk pillows, also affectionally known as "Chou Chou"- (smelly smelly) are traditionally made by the loving grandmothers in SEA countries as a gift for their grandchildren. Filled with 100% natural beansprout husks that had been washed, dried & treated to make sure it's free from any remains from the beansprout, it acts like a cushion that will prevent babies from any startling sound when their are sleeping that may startle them. To use the pillow, hold both ends of the pillow and shake it sideways to evenly distribute the bean sprout husk fillings. Perfect for first pillow for any babies or toddlers, they make great keepsakes too - Trust me, some keep their very first "Chou Chou" till adulthood, some even pass down generations!!

Why is it named "Chou Chou"?
Do not worry, the beansprout husk fillings in the pillow do not smell! It's named as a smelly pillow because its very often drooled on and some children refuse to have their pillow washed as it will not have that comforting smell of theirs! Research shows that docters says it is common for children to rely on small, often drool-covered pillows for psychological comfort at bedtime. *Psst, fret not! we have removable pillow covers to purchase on seperate so you can always wash them! Inner pillow with husk is housed in a white cotton fabric and double stitched on the opening to make sure no little bits come falling out- perfectly safe for your little one. Read more on using them here -


Anti-Flat Head Pillow -

An infant's skull is soft and deformitties in shape may occur if baby begins to favour certain head positions from using certain pillows. This pillow is used to prevent flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly) in the age range of 0-6 months, also to hold the neck at the age of 6-12 months babies. Specially designed with a concave design in the bottom middle area, to support and reduce the pressure on a baby's head that causes the flat spot condition. Perfect size to have in baby's cot & stroller!


Bibs -

Bandana Bibs - Adorably fashionable bibs designed like scarfs/ bandana for your little drooling darlings. Made with 100% cotton on the front and absorbent flanelette fabric on the back. Machine washable. Features plastic snap buttons for fuss-free wearing of these bibs!

Bibs - Most conventional & practical bibs for your little ones. Features plastic snap buttons for fuss-free wearing of these bibs! Made of 100% beautiful cotton material on the front, flannelette in the middle for extra absorbency and plain white water-resistant fabric at back to keep your bubs dry and sparkly clean!


Toys -

Rattle Hankies - These hankies are made with 100% beautiful cotton on the front and super soft microfiber fabric on the back, matched with colorful polka-dot grosgrain ribbons! It contains a rattle inside - which will be sure to keep your little one entertained. The toy features a ribbon loop makes it easy to attach this toy to a car-seat or stroller. These makes perfect sensory toy for your little explorer at about as young as a month old, stimulating the sense of touch as it features different textures. This also helps them do develop a sense of directional hearing. It will also encourage movement of arms and legs in order to make the sound from shaking the rattle.

Rattle plush toy - Stuffed toys with many textures offer your infant a tactile experience that helps develop their grasp and hand and arm movements. While they cannot hold it on their own, they may open their hand when it brushes them, and they can be used for eye muscle development as well.

Rattle cube - Best combination of a stuffed toy - with rattle and ribbons(loads of them) - specially designed to helps develop fine motor skills in the future and helps them to develop the muscles in their hands and fingers. They are sure to be entertained by the ribbon tags and the sound the rattle makes when they shake it which they also learn action/reaction by shaking them thus also helps in iistening skills.

Booties -

Soft sole booties are best for your little ones, especially pre-walkers. Heavy shoes are not recommended when they are learning to walk as you would want them to feel the ground while taking their first few important steps. We offer a comfortable soft sole footwear option for babies because they aren't hard and rigid like traditional shoes, allowing growth and development of a baby's foot. All of the wiggling, kicking and other movements your baby does with his feet help him develop the foot muscles that he needs for walking. Tight, hard-soled shoes limit the amount of movement in your child's feet. Soft-soled shoes with plenty of space in them allow your baby to move his feet to avoid interruptions in development.

Soling for Sizes 0, 1, 2 (comes with a fabric or faux suede fabric provides babies a natural grip to the flooring)
Soling for Sizes 3, 4 (comes with non-slip soling material, non-toxic & waterproof)

Blanket -

Patchwork Blanket - Just like it's made from a loving grandmother, these one of a kind patchwork blankets are made with the prettiest fabric, all recycled from the Chubby Chubby workshop - beautifully machine pieced, 100 percent cotton squares. There is no batting in this light weight 2-layer blanket, which makes it ideal for use year round.Backing is of a 100% cotton polka-dot fabric which is perfect as it makes the blanket reversible! Great for swaddling, play time, a stroller quilt or big enough for a toddler to enjoy.

Blanket - Made from 100% soft cotton material, carefully stitched together with super soft microfiber fabric on the back, making sure this is the best & most comfortable blanket for your little one! Stitched with mitrered corners, making sure all ends are secured for your baby's use!