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Shipping | Production | Delivery

Do you ship the gift sets overseas?

Yes we do! However, they do not come in our Chubby Chubby gift boxes. At the moment, all items in the gift sets will be packed separately into gift bags & into a Singpost shipping brown box!

Why are they not shipped in Chubby Chubby gift boxes?

As our Chubby Chubby gift boxes come with a transparent plastic cover, it will not be durable enough for mailing overseas! We apologize for that! Do not fret, we actually save you additional cost from the weight of the shipment too!

Can you help ship or delivery directly to my friend?

Yes we are able to provide that service! Kindly let us know the neccessary details like mobile number & full address and your friend's name too!

Can I include a message in the gift / in my order?

Yes! We will love to extend our service to help include your message, printed or handwritten on a small card.

Product | Materials | Care instructions

What do you mean by handmade?
We design and sew these baby booties, from cutting the fabrics, matching & co-coordinating them to sewing them together. That does mean that most of our designs & fabrics are unique and only limited pieces are produced.

Where are your fabrics from?
I source for my fabrics, materials and supplies from everywhere I travel to, including Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Hongkong and United States. All 100% cotton bodysuit in the gift sets are sourced from Australia. Most of the fabrics use to make all our products are 100% cotton, we use the best & only the best for your little ones! We believe in quality products, that not only looks beautiful but also stitched with good workmanship and functions well too.

How do I wash:
Baby booties We strongly recommend customers to gentle wash those baby booties you have bought. You may lightly air them under shade after wearing and use only a slightly dampened cloth with lukewarm water or mild soap water, gently wipe at dirtied parts.

Beansprout husk pillow Remove inner pillow with husk to sun when necessary to ensure that the natural fillings are kept dry and odour-free. Hand wash or machine wash pillow cover. NEVER WASH INNER PILLOW WITH HUSK.

Anti Flat head pillow Remove inner pillow to sun when necessary. Handwash or machine wash pillow cover.You may wish to wash inner pillow, it's washable.

Bibs Hand wash recommended , Gentle cycle machine wash, please place bibs in laundry bag.

Rattle Plush toys & Hankies Handwash recommeded. Gentle cycle machinewash, please place them in laundry bag. Dry under shade.

Blankets Handwash recommeded.

Bodysuits (With fabric letters / or designs) Handwash in cold water seperately. Low heat ironing recommended.

Custom Orders | Personalization Options

Am I able to choose the fabric I want to custom an item?
We apologize that custom fabric orders are temporaily not available until further notice.

Am I able to custom size for the beansprout husk pillows?
Yes, you are able to request for custom size of pillows- subjected to fabric availability and additional charges depending on your size requirement. Also, note the lead time for production may be longer than usual as it's a custom order. Do leave us a message at the contact us page for more info!

What are the personalization methods you provide?
1. Name labels - comes in a form of a label made of cotton, names are printed and stitched on product. Available in English & Chinese characters. Up to 10 characters in English & 3-4 Chinese characters. They usually are seen on booties, rattle hankies, beansprout husk pillows, anti-flat head pillows - they can be sewn on any of our products!
2. Fabric Alphabets - commonly chosen to personalize name rompers seen in gift sets , and beansprout husk pillows! They are made of our cotton material usually in polkadot or stripe fabrics.

What are the additional cost like for personalization of the items?
Single item - Name label at additional $2 per label.
                 - Fabric letters at additional $16 (up to 5 characters for rompers & 10 for beansprout husk pillows)
Gift sets     - Starts from $128 - typically with 4 items that will include beansprout husk pillow, name romper and two other items like bib & rattle toy.

Can I choose the font on the Name label personalization?
We apologize that the font on the name label is a default font.

What are name labels?
They are made of unbleached natural cotton and names are printed in special fabric ink. They are either machine stitched onto the items or hand-stitched! Adding that personal touch in our handmade products.

What are fabric letters?
They are alphabets and letters made out of fabric. Names are made of these letters, sewn on rompers & beansprout husk pillows.

Are you able to custom products using my own fabric?
Sorry , we are not able to.

Personalizing gift sets

Am I able to choose the designs of the fabric letters on romper?
Sorry, all fabric letters to make up the name on romper will be designed accordingly to the design of the gift set. Typically in the same color combination.

Can I change the pre-designed items seen in the product?
We try our very best to make everyone satisfied & happy with shopping at Chubby Chubby. However, we do not recommend as some items you request may not be suitable due to fabric design or functionality.

Can I add on other items not seen in the gift set?
Yes, why not? Simply check out the other items you would like in the gift and leave a comment to have them packed together. Note that bulkier items like bolsters may be pack seperately as our gift box may not fit all items!

Am I able to change the name of baby once I confirm my order?
In cases where wrong spelling of name were provided by customer - a re-do fee will be charged for changing name as orders has been processed.

Can I choose for Long sleeve bodysuits instead?
Yes! We are happy to introduce long sleeve rompers too!

What sizes do the bodysuits in the gift set comes in?

We provide 2 sizes currently, Average 1 month baby weighs 10lbs - 4.5kg
0-3months - Fits 6.5kg baby (14.5lb)
3-6months - Fits 8kg baby (17.5lb)

(booties in the gift sets will follow the size of the bodysuit chosen)

Can I choose other colors for the bodysuit other than white?

Sorry! We only have white ones currently.

Other General Questions

How long does it takes for you to reply my message or e-mail?
I read every message that arrives and warrants a response. I try to respond within 3 Business Days for urgent questions pertaining to your order. Please allow up to 1 week for non-order related emails, as things can get too crazy for me here sometimes!!

How often to you have pop up stores?
We try to have it at least once every month! (Click here to find out more) Or join our mailing list, follow us on our social media to find out!

What's the payment mode at your Pop up stores?
We accept Cash and Internet banking at the moment!

How do I use the Chubby Chubby Hanger from the gift boxes?
Simply remove it from the peforated lines on the box. Use the strings & wooden pegs provided and hang the beautiful personalized bodysuit or clothes on the two little hooks provided at the bottom of the hanger, snap a picture for rememberance and keepsakes purpose #chubbychubbysg, #chubbychubbylittlecloud