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Fabric Masks FAQ

Fabric Masks FAQ

Q: Are they ready to ship? 

A: The fabric masks are on pre order basis and only made when you order them. :D

Q: Why is there a price increase?

Our #DoGoodTogether project started when Circuit Breaker was announced. It is a way our humble team of 3(My mum, my trusty seamstress and myself) give back to the society by donating a portion of the masks proceeds to the community while doing what we love with the limited resources on hand. As we heard the requests of many parents who are looking to buy masks to prepare for their kids' school re-open, our team will have to increase our manpower and resources in order to fulfil the needs within a limited amount of time. The increase in price goes directly to the seamstresses as fee for helping us, while we continue to work the extra miles to prepare the fabric for sewing.

Q: What is the lead time for the masks to be ready?

A: The lead time required is 2 weeks, kindly allow 4-7 working days thereafter for it to be delivered to you by our delivery partners. 

Q: When will I be able to receive the masks?

Pre orders will take 2 weeks to be ready and another 4-7 working days to be delivered to you.So if you need them urgently, please choose Courier delivery service instead of local shipping service to expedite the delivery.

Pre orders Batch: September 8th Cute Edition- Pre orders taken on 8th -10th September will be delivered to you between 28th - 1st October via Local Shipping. Courier delivery service by 26th September.

Q: Do they come with filter?

A: No, the masks do not come with filter, they do come with a filter slot for you to insert mask or filter.

Q: How many layers do the mask come in?

A: They come in 2 layers, one outer layer and one inner layer with the filter slot.

Q: Do you sell filters?

A: Nope we do not sell the mask filters, you can get them online on Qoo10, Shopee. 

Q: Can we machine wash these masks?

A: We highly recommend to hand wash these masks! 

Q: What material are the masks made of? 

A: They are made of 100% cotton! Breathable for you and your little ones!

Q: How do I choose the size for my kids?

A: You may refer to our measurement chart at the end of this FAQ, it would be best to measure your kids to know which size fits them better as our chart serves as a basic guide only.

Q: Why is my order cancelled?

A: Do update us via the webpage on your payment details once you have paid, otherwise the system will automatically cancel orders within 12 hours if payment details are not updated

Q: Why I can't cart out the item?

A: It might be because someone else has the same size and design in the cart and have checked out, so quickly and carefully check out your items. We really appreciate if you do not abandon your carts with 2 orders as that will only hold up the stocks and not allow someone else to order. 

Q: Can I exchange if the size does not fit?

A: Due to hygiene reasons, we are not able to exchange or refund the fabric masks! 

Q: When are you opening up for orders again?

A: The next pre order opening will be announced on Instagram or Facebook 1-2 days before. Thank you!

Q: Can I order on Instagram, Whatsapp or Facebook?

A: Sorry, all orders are to be made via our website at www.chubbychubby.sg 

Q: Can I pay via Credit Card or Paypal? 

A: Sorry, we only accept Bank transfer or Paynow to our company account for the masks orders

Q: What is your Company UEN number for Paynow and Bank account number?

A: Company UEN Number is 201610284W, OCBC Account 626006431001 . Chubby Chubby Pte Ltd

Q: What is the transaction number to input into the payment update?

A: It is a unique number provided by your bank of the payment transaction, if you do not have it it's okay to leave your order number or name in this section.

Q: What do we reference number do I input?

A: Your order number please.

Q: Are you able to ship overseas for the masks?

A: At the moment now we are unable to via our website, but do drop us a Whatsapp message if you are keen, we are happy to assist you. 

Q: Are the masks adjustable?

A: The elastic straps on the mask for the ears are adjustable, there is a soft rubber stopper to adjust length of elastic bands easily.