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At Home With Jiayi

Mon, 2020-12-28


2020 has been a challenging year, but within adversity lies opportunity. When the pandemic hit, our friend Jiayi and her family took a chance on relocating back to Singapore. We’re glad to catch up with her on what has changed for them this year. She shares with us about staying open and positive.

Tell us a little about you! 

I’m a Singaporean mom married to an Indonesian Chinese. We have been living in Indonesia since 2015.

What are three things you can’t live without?

Shopping. Mobile phone. Family.

Was it a tough call to relocate to Singapore?

It was pretty easy since Singapore was always one of our home bases. Of course it was difficult logistically, since Jakarta was our matrimonial home.

“Making the best of what we have at the moment allows us to appreciate what we are blessed with.”

How has your family changed through these times?

My boys, aged 2 and 4, definitely became a lot more independent. Such as dressing themselves up. They know the impact of the virus on us, and as a result, demand less and understand more about the current life. My husband definitely changed drastically, making sports part of his daily routine, and meditating when he’s stressed. Taking his work challenges as a pit stop to think how the situation might be different post-Covid-19.

What are your key takeaways from this year?

Togetherness as a family is key. Making the best of what we have at the moment allows us to appreciate what we are blessed with.

What’s your approach towards future adversity?

To be more open-minded and flexible. Letting nature take its course is the best and happiest way to tackle the challenges that may lie ahead 

What are the little things keeping you positive and hopeful?

That we're happy and healthy in Singapore. Being able to wander in Singapore without the fear of Covid taking us over.

What are the little things you’re grateful for?

A healthy family. Having a positive outlook on everything. 

Special Thanks to Bryan, Jiayi, Jordan, Pippen

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