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11.11 Sale FAQ Page

11.11 Mystery Bag FAQ: 

What is a mystery bag?

A mystery bag is a package of 2-3 randomly chosen girl’s dresses or boy shirts 

How much is the mystery bag?

We have 5 different mystery bags and their prices range from $35-98. 

Are we able to choose the items in the bags?

Sorry! Nope! That’s the fun of this mystery bag sale! 

Will there be repeated designs in the same bag?

Nope! All of the items in the bag will be different designs but in the same size. 

Are the items inside the bag of the same sizes?

Yes they are categorized into specific age groups and gender. 

Are we able to exchange or refund the items?

Sorry, strictly no exchanges or refunds for items purchased during a sale event. 

Why should I buy these mystery bags?

Christmas and the festivities are just 7 weeks away - it’s the best time to grab these deals as presents too! 

Will there be shipping charges?

Yes, shipping fee is not included in the bundle price. Enjoy free shipping when you spend $150 & above!

When will this 11.11 Mystery bag sale start and end?

It will start on 2359 on 10th of November and end on the 15th of November 2359 or, while stocks last!