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Boy's Tri-Tip Shirt - Blue Papercranes

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Oriental Origami'18 Chinese new year collection

Taking the collection's theme -Origami to brand new heights with a cute triangle tip detail at side of shirt! Absolutely perfect little detail that spices up your little boy shirt.

*Please note that size 5-6y does not come with the white chinese knot buttons as display on the shirt.

Measuring the Mandarin collar shirts
(Sizes 0,1- improved measurements)
(Sizes 8,10- added length, shoulder width and sleeves length)

The listed is a guide, We strongly recommend to measure your boy’s current shirt to determine the size.

Size 12M (fits 9-18months old) : 28cm chest 38cm length
Size 1-2y (fits 1-2 years old): 29cm chest 40.5cm length
Size 2-3y (fits 2-4 years old): 30.5cm chest 42cm length
Size 3-4y (fits 3-5 years old): 33cm chest 46cm length
Size 4-5y  (fits 4-6 years old): 37cm chest 48cm length
Size 5-7y (fits 5-7 years old): 38cm chest 54cm length
Size 7-8y ( fits 7-9 years old): 39cm chest 57cm length
Size 9-10y (fits 9-11years old): 41cm chest 58cm length
Size 12y (fits 11-12years old): 43cm chest 59cm length

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100% Cotton